Ingrid Robinson

When Ingrid Robinson, heard the news of the sudden death of her only child, Michelle, she fell into a terrible depression - one that threatened to take all that was left of her. During this dark, mournful period, Ingrid, unfortunately, fell victim to a common financial fraud perpetrated on seniors by third parties to "steal" their homes. She was blind sided and suddenly found herself homeless, after having lived in her home for almost 40 years.

In search of a new life, Ingrid decided to leave California to get away from the trauma and pain. She left for a tiny little apartment in Florida with all she had, which was her two little pet dogs, Clint and Ace, her “boys”. As life would have it, her apartment in Florida happened to be part of a community which had an art room in their clubhouse. 

In no time, Ingrid fell in love with art. At the tender age of 71, she started painting to fight through her depression and create themes that not only made her smile, but also those who watched her paint. Her charming oil paintings gradually gained popularity as they were known to remind people of the gentler and happier times in their lives. Within months, she was discovered by a gallery in Delray Beach, Florida and was asked to create 20 paintings to be exhibited in their gallery.

Ingrid Robinson has found a new life and discovered her passion for oil paintings after life lost meaning, having lost all that mattered to her. Today, painting and her “two boys” are what put a smile on her face and keep her going every day, smiling through it all. Her paintings and the smiles they put on people’s faces are the legacies she is creating for Michelle.

She paints to enhance people’s lives through fun, inspiration, creativity and self-expression.

I hope you enjoy my paintings!!!